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PostSubject: Bestiary-Aquatic    Bestiary-Aquatic  EmptyThu Nov 12, 2015 1:43 pm

1. Name: Tigershark
Type: Aquatic/Mammal
Rank: C-B
Body: Tiger Shark's are about the size of your average tiger, instead of fur, Tiger Sharks have shark skin that share the same color palette with that of your average tiger. Four legged with large jagged claws, a large protruding fin on their back, long tails with 3 fins, feline-esque face with pitch black eyes, a mix between shark and tiger teeth that are in rows. Tiger Shark's mainly reside in large bodies of water but often they will form a den near river banks that large sources of food wander to, whether it be water or land dwelling.
Bio: Tiger Shark's are fierce and extremely dangerous chimera, lethal in water and on land. In water, Tiger Shark's will bury themselves under the mud and sand deposits to hide their presence from prey and then strike in an instance. After birth, the mother's will actually attempt to kill their spawn, this being a test to prove their predatory and survival skills since even Tiger Shark kittens are able to hunt and kill; if the kittens survive, they form a bond and travel in a permanent pack with one another, this pack often consisting of two to three, since that's the common number of survivability. Despite heir fierce nature, They are extremely loyal to their kin and will die defending them.
Rarity: Uncommon
Epic Breed: Opal Stripper Tiger Shark-Albino colored Tiger Sharks that no longer have a stripe pattern, instead, they have light blue freckles running all along their paws and up to their elbows and knees, small blue freckles around their muzzles.  
Habitat: Glimmer lake, Crystal Grotto, rarely in the Howling Wilds, Bleeding marsh
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Tiger's Eye, Stripped Shark Skin, Tiger Shark maw, Tiger Claw

2. Bull shark

3. Leopard seal

4. SugarBass

5. Sea Kaiser

6. Elephantoise

7. Clown fish

8. Seahorse

9. Lion otter

10. Python snail

11. Hippo Whale

12. Capricorn

13. Gator Shark

14. Squid bat

15. Viper eel

16. Coral climber

17. Undine

18. Ursorca

19. Sea boxer
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