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1. Name: Foxhound
Type: Beast
Rank: N/A
Body: Foxhounds are about the size of your average canine with very ruffled peach colored fur, long fox tail that have multiple white racoon stripes, a fox faced with large ears, and deep red patches around their brightly colored eyes.
Bio: Foxhounds are a common breed among Bastion, often used for tracking and hunting other Chimera within the realm. They're extremely loyal and devote companions. Uniquely, they are able to track magical residue, able to find anyone by simply the magic they leave behind.  
Rarity: Common
Epic Breed: Aurora blue Foxhound-a winter blue Foxhound with white spots running across its body as opposed to the common color scheme.
Habitat: Found all throughout fable except Grim
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Foxfur

2. Name: Wolfhound
Type: Beast
Rank: N/A
Body: Wolfhounds are extremely large muscular wolves in appearance that can reach close to 6ft in height with shaggy, wild, silver fur with a jet black streak starting from their snout to the tip of their tails, eye ranging from bright greens, orange, red, ad yellow.
Bio: Wolfhounds are noble, loyal, stalwart beasts that are common among Bastion. Excellent at hunting and tracking other beasts, able to pick up scents that had formed days to even weeks before.
Rarity: Common
Epic Breed: Laughing Skull Wolfhound-a dark violet colored Wolfhound with orange stripes along their backs and a orange colored skull pattern on their face, as opposed to the common color scheme
Habitat: Found all throughout fable except Grim
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Wolf fur

3. Name: GumGum
Type: Mixed
Rank: N/A
Body: GumGum very in size, no smaller than a basketball, and are amble to grow in size based on their habitat. The average GumGum's appearance is that of a moving crystal clear slime that's able to form a mouth and eyes.
Bio: GumGum are extremely useful yet odd creatures, able to eat Arcanium and take on its properties and color to create Rock Candy. Newborn GumGum have the ability to take on the shape and form of the first living thing they see that has substantial biomass, meaning there can be a Wolfhound or even dragon shaped GumGum. GumGum, even wild, are extremely playful and friendly literally being one of the most benign of all Chimera in the Realm.
Rarity: Mixed-Rarity is based of Arcanium that it has absorbed
Epic Breed: N/A
Habitat: Worldwide
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Rock Candy(if eaten), Gum drops

4. Name: Grass Scythe
Type: Insect
Rank: C
Body: Grass Scythe's are massive two story mantis looking Chimera that have very long scythe like arms that are able to cut through steel. They're a bright lime green with black blotches running all along their back and abdomen with orange spots at their center. Unlike mantises, Grass Scythe's are incapable of flight, however they can jump extremely high and glide having bright orange wings with black jagged patters running through it.
Bio: Grass Sythe's are extremely territorial, attacking anything and everything in sight even their own kin. What makes them so deadly other than their scythe arms, is their ability to regrow lost limbs and exhume their own blood which is highly acidic. Their only weakness being that they are creatures of solitude for if they were to ever attack in a swarm, the chances of survival would be zero....
Rarity: Uncommon
Epic Breed: Sickled Fairy Grass Scythe-A bright pink Grass Scythe that has milk colored wings with baby blue tips, white blotches running all along their abdomen and back with baby blue spots at their center, and white freckles on their face.
Habitat: Queen's Garden, Howling Wilds, and rarely at the Shimmering Glades
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Grass sickle, Jade eye, Secta membrane, Acid drop

5. Name: Tigershark
Type: Aquatic/Mammal
Rank: C-B
Body: Tiger Shark's are about the size of your average tiger, instead of fur, Tiger Sharks have shark skin that share the same color palette with that of your average tiger. Four legged with large jagged claws, a large protruding fin on their back, long tails with 3 fins, feline-esque face with pitch black eyes, a mix between shark and tiger teeth that are in rows. Tiger Shark's mainly reside in large bodies of water but often they will form a den near river banks that large sources of food wander to, whether it be water or land dwelling.
Bio: Tiger Shark's are fierce and extremely dangerous chimera, lethal in water and on land. In water, Tiger Shark's will bury themselves under the mud and sand deposits to hide their presence from prey and then strike in an instance. After birth, the mother's will actually attempt to kill their spawn, this being a test to prove their predatory and survival skills since even Tiger Shark kittens are able to hunt and kill; if the kittens survive, they form a bond and travel in a permanent pack with one another, this pack often consisting of two to three, since that's the common number of survivability. Despite heir fierce nature, They are extremely loyal to their kin and will die defending them.
Rarity: Uncommon
Epic Breed: Opal Stripper Tiger Shark-Albino colored Tiger Sharks that no longer have a stripe pattern, instead, they have light blue freckles running all along their paws and up to their elbows and knees, small blue freckles around their muzzles.  
Habitat: Glimmer lake, Crystal Grotto, rarely in the Howling Wilds, Bleeding marsh
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Tiger's Eye, Stripped Shark Skin, Tiger Shark maw, Tiger Claw

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Epic Breed:
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