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1. Name: Wolfhound
Type: Beast
Rank: N/A
Body: Wolfhounds are extremely large muscular wolves in appearance that can reach close to 6ft in height with shaggy, wild, silver fur with a jet black streak starting from their snout to the tip of their tails, eye ranging from bright greens, orange, red, ad yellow.
Bio: Wolfhounds are noble, loyal, stalwart beasts that are common among Bastion. Excellent at hunting and tracking other beasts, able to pick up scents that had formed days to even weeks before.
Rarity: Common
Epic Breed: Laughing Skull Wolfhound-a dark violet colored Wolfhound with orange stripes along their backs and a orange colored skull pattern on their face, as opposed to the common color scheme
Habitat: Found all throughout fable except Grim
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Wolf fur

2. Name: Foxhound
Type: Beast
Rank: N/A
Body: Foxhounds are about the size of your average canine with very ruffled peach colored fur, long fox tail that have multiple white racoon stripes, a fox faced with large ears, and deep red patches around their brightly colored eyes.
Bio: Foxhounds are a common breed among Bastion, often used for tracking and hunting other Chimera within the realm. They're extremely loyal and devote companions. Uniquely, they are able to track magical residue, able to find anyone by simply the magic they leave behind.  
Rarity: Common
Epic Breed: Aurora blue Foxhound-a winter blue Foxhound with white spots running across its body as opposed to the common color scheme.
Habitat: Found all throughout fable except Grim
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Foxfur

3. Crimson tail

4. Pig ape

5. Badger snake

6. Horned mynx

7. Lion dog

8. Jackelope

9. Mole bear

10. Dream eater

11. Fox bat

12. Rat snake

13. Deer mouse

14. Bull frog

15. Sheep dog

16. Kangaroo rat

17. Sparrow cat

18. Devil bison

19. Neon Panther

20. Peacock fox

21. Yotl

22. Bicornis

23. Rhino Boar

24. Hyena Bear

25. Bone spur

26. Yeager

27. Ember belly
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