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PostSubject: Bestiary-Insectoid   Bestiary-Insectoid EmptyThu Nov 12, 2015 1:40 pm

1. Name: Grass Scythe
Type: Insect
Rank: C
Body: Grass Scythe's are massive two story mantis looking Chimera that have very long scythe like arms that are able to cut through steel. They're a bright lime green with black blotches running all along their back and abdomen with orange spots at their center. Unlike mantises, Grass Scythe's are incapable of flight, however they can jump extremely high and glide having bright orange wings with black jagged patters running through it.
Bio: Grass Sythe's are extremely territorial, attacking anything and everything in sight even their own kin. What makes them so deadly other than their scythe arms, is their ability to regrow lost limbs and exhume their own blood which is highly acidic. Their only weakness being that they are creatures of solitude for if they were to ever attack in a swarm, the chances of survival would be zero....
Rarity: Uncommon
Epic Breed: Sickled Fairy Grass Scythe-A bright pink Grass Scythe that has milk colored wings with baby blue tips, white blotches running all along their abdomen and back with baby blue spots at their center, and white freckles on their face.
Habitat: Queen's Garden, Howling Wilds, and rarely at the Shimmering Glades
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Grass sickle, Jade eye, Secta membrane, Acid drop

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