RoFL - Realm of Five Legions is a unique rpg that focuses heavily on individuality and characters that can be who ever or whatever you want them to be.
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 RoFL terms-under construction

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1. Joker: Jokers are basically the police and law enforcement of Bastion; who maintain order by following the Guildpact. Joker's, despite being from a guild, give up their allegiance to their guild in order to prevent favoritism is conflicts that revolve around guild activities. In terms of law and order, Joker's oversee it all as not just enforcement but judge and if needed, executioner to those who break the Guildpact.

2. The Guildpact: A magical code created by the founders to prevent guilds from overpowering one another in terms of law and control. The pact in itself is inscribed into the very infrastructure of Bastion, or at least that's what s believed; for if a guild beaks the pact by trying to take over another guild, the pact activates and with "expel" the guild from Bastion itself.

3. The Sentinels: The sentinels are ancient self repairing constructs that guard the four gates leading into Bastion. These sentinels can detect when one who is not of the guild tries to enter Bastion and immediately will expel them unless they are pardoned by a Joker and a Guildmaster. The sentinels are over 80 Stories in height and seem to be made of oxidized copper.

4. Chimera: Within the world, the flora and fauna are known as Chimera, beasts seemingly being a hybrid of two or more creatures. There is a vast amount of Chimera of different types that can be found in Collection in the Index.

5. Antique: Antiques are ancient and extremely rare items of the old world that hold unimaginable power. These items can vary in size and shape; one could be as simple as looking like a spoon or sword, while other's could as complex as some form of engine or device. What is known about Antiques is that they cannot be made, only found or given, and that they have two forms. The first form is its base appearance which is know as its "sealed" state, while the other is a transformed form know as its "released" state. To release an Antique requires a vast amount of mana, but it will grant its wielder a vast amount of abilities and power.

6. The Well: The Well is known as the primordial source of black mana, AKA dark magic. The Well was locked away during the Founders reign and the key is long lost as well as the Well's location.

7. Crow: Crows are covert operatives that serve directly under a guildleader. Little is known about the Crows other than they do the jobs that others wont and normally when there name is ushered, people tend to go missing.

8. BlackJack: The term "BlackJack" is used as a label for those who claim guild equality but use it as a means of violence and discrimination. Often claiming to be rebels or revolutionaries, they are nothing more than terrorists who unfortunately are Bastion citizens. Their goal is to destroy all guilds and unify into a single suit of power, and believe the only way to achieve this is by force. "BlackJack" is also a way of labeling an individual who insults other guilds for their actions and politics. An example being a Club stating how weak Spades are for using "weak" magic, the common response to this would be calling him a Blackjack such as ,"you're such a BlackJack," or "don't be such a BlackJack," and "you're a Blackjack arse!"
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RoFL terms-under construction
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