RoFL - Realm of Five Legions is a unique rpg that focuses heavily on individuality and characters that can be who ever or whatever you want them to be.
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 The months and Astrological Signs of RoFl

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PostSubject: The months and Astrological Signs of RoFl   Fri May 15, 2015 9:03 pm

1. Murbur (August)
-Sign: Gigas the Giant
-head strong, physical, and very blunt

2. Sarbur (September)
-Sign: Arnanea the Weaver
-protective, secluded, and creative

3. Cenbur (October)
-Sign: Vixen the Fox
-seductive, energetic, and emotional

4. Zaznbur (November)
-Sign: Clipeus the Turtle
-Calm, level headed, and very knowledgeable

5. Horobur (December)
-Sign: Strix the Owl
-Wise, practical, and tactical

6. Kessilu (January)
-Sign: Anguis the Serpent
-Sly, adaptive, and moody

7. Rambur (February)
-Sign: Cuspis the Lancer
-Protective, strong, and loyal

8. Oarbur (March)
-Sign: Canto the Musician
-Imaginative, resourceful, and loud

9. Branbilu (April)
-Sign: Pistrix the Shark
-Rash, easy to anger, and courageous

10. Ezilu (May)
-Sign: Gladius the Sabertooth
-Prideful, always up for challenges, and often close minded

11. Turu (June)
-Sign: Ignis the Firebearer
-Playful, energetic, and have a bit of a temper

12. Turuturu (July)
-Sign: Nox the Shadow
-Secluded, balanced, and peaceful
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The months and Astrological Signs of RoFl
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