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 Emergency Frequency

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PostSubject: Emergency Frequency    Emergency Frequency  EmptySun Feb 14, 2016 1:09 pm

From your pockett, a blurred hologram appears. Sounds of static are all that can be heard. Slowly a white mask emerges on the screen with glowing blue eyes. "Hello my fellow Bastians, this is a message from those who are left unseen, those who's ideals, and freedoms are shoved under the rug and stomped on my the heel our so called leaders. We are the voice to those who refuse to follow a broken system established by our foolish founders who hoped to create a world of unity yet keep separate ideals. How can you keep separate ideals and hope to be united? Hope to be one? Such idiocy! We are not one. We are the farthest from! Guilds fight each other for power and stab each other in the back any chance they get! Those who refuse to join are treated as scum and become that for what option do they have? This I say thee nay!"

"We believe in true equality, true unity! We desire a Bastian that is a collective of the all and not the divided! We aren't terrorists, we aren't anarchists, we are revolutionaries and the revolution begins now! We will free all of you from the grip of those who maintain power! We will show you the truth that the guilds will not! I will not ask any of you to join us in our cause but give you the choice to. You have two options, either join us and liberate Bastion from the guilds control and unify into a single consensus, or become a victim of it; it's your choice so choose wisely...." The screen went dark as the logo for the Black Jack's appeared for a few seconds before cutting out.
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Emergency Frequency
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