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 Joker missions

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1. Name: Up in smoke
Client: Jasper
Turn in: Joker guildmaster's office
Rank: vary
Reward: 70 yin
Guildmarks: 3
Task: We have multiple reports of theft within the Bastion plaza marketplace. The only thing they have in common is that the suspect is smoke......ugh which is insane, they're just using some form of illusion or alteration magic. Find and detain this "living" smoke before they strike again, start by talking to the shop owners for clues or just maybe, they'll make themselves know when you're there.

2. Name: Vanishing act
Client: Vivi
Turn in: Joker headquarters
Rank: B
Reward: 90 yin
Guildmarks: 5
Task: A few of our fellow Joker's have gone missing in action. They were sent out into the Abyssal divide in search of a prior missing members. We believe this to be due to either the four horseman or the Vagabond. The objective is to find our missing Joker's or at least evidence of what happened to them; and if met with hostiles, run if you must, if things get too heated, we will send reinforcements.

3. Name: Forged Alliances
Client: Allron Kroy
Turn in: Joker headquarters
Rank: A
Reward: 200 yin
Guildmarks: 8
Task: With the appearance of Dazuluka and it's people, the Abantu, we need to establish an alliance with these strange and yet unique individuals. This alliance will grant us Dazuluka's rare resources and irreplaceable allies. I and a few others will meet in Abantu village and speak with their elders, what we need is security to make sure this all goes smoothly.

4. Name: Break it up!
Client: Jasper
Turn in: Joker guildmaster's office
Rank: B-A
Reward: 300 yin plus any item with the Joker armory
Guildmarks: 10
Task: A riot has broken out within Harvest square, we don't know the direct cause but we need to break it up before people get hurt because of their sheer stupidity. Detain all instigators for questioning.
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Joker missions
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