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 Occupations (wip)

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-In all character creation sheets, there is the category called "occupation", this of course is meant to be where you would place what your job is within RoFL. In the beginning, you will always start as "in-training" or a novice. However, once you figure out your bearings, you can pick an occupation of any time you'd like, even make one up. However, there are a few occupations that require you to meet their criteria, such as being a guildmaster or Joker, which all you have to do for that is register.

Known free occupations
1. Hunter: one who hunts chimera for their materials
2. Bounty Hunter
3. Tamer: one who hunts chimera, not to kill, but to capture and raise or possibly sell.
4. Forager
5. Explorer
6. Freelance
7. Alchemist
8. Smithy
9. Traveling Salesman
10. Raving idiot
The list goes on

Known requisite occupations
1. Guildmaster
2. Joker
3. Delver: one who delves in the Founder's Labyrinth in order to find resources
4. Crow
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Occupations (wip)
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