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 Rogue Vulpis

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PostSubject: Rogue Vulpis   Rogue Vulpis EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 11:28 pm

Name: Rogue Vulpis
Race: Mutt: Nekomata, Kitsune, Elf, and Norm mix
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: Rambur 6th
Magic: Spirit
Sp: 150
Rank: C
Guild: Coven of Hearts
Occupation: Freelance tagger, Joker Squire, and Tamer.
Appearance: Rogue has long wild shoulder length barbie pink hair, gold eyes with dark yellow pupils, furry long fox/cat like ears with a tail to match, pinkish colored skin, slim and slender build, 5 ft 9
Personality: Rogue is what many would call.....blunt; never seeming to want to tone down his words or even put much thought into what he's saying; just chooses to say what's on his mind without even the slightest of thought. He's a kind spirit, or at least he thinks so? Often cheerful and sarcastic. Rogue's main flaw, other than his bluntness, is his kleptomania. He just can't seem to keep his hands to himself when he sees something shiny or colorful.
History: Rogue grew up half of his life outside of Bastion in Beacon with his mother, where he was taught how to use his spirit magic as a means to express his creativity and turn it into a unique form of art. Unfortunately, his mother had past some time ago, resulting in him having to live with his father in Bastion, which the two don't see eye to eye. His father sees art as a means to an end and a distraction from ones true potential. In spite of his father, Rogue joined the Coven of Hearts who live for creativity, where he can be free to express himself once again without his father down his throat. Now Rogue goes around expressing his art in the form of "spirit" tagging to vandalize other guild sectors, which is nearly impossible to remove, so if you see glowing spectral graffiti, 125 out of 10, its Rougue's handy work
Yin: 300
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PostSubject: Re: Rogue Vulpis   Rogue Vulpis EmptyMon Nov 16, 2015 11:55 pm


1. Soul forge-spear rack (10sp): Rogue conjures seven spectral spears that float around his body.

2. Myriad (25sp per clone/ -10sp for each active conjured weapon): Rogue Conjures a physical copy of himself that can freely move and act. Each copy explodes like a bomb when slain.

3. 100% Pressure shot (50sp): Rogue gathers condensed sp particles within a single spear, causing the spear to glow a bright hot blue. Once thrown, the spear becomes highly pressurized becoming a devastating rail shot that can pierce through nearly anything.

4. Phase shot (5sp): Rogue lightens the sp particles in a spear to allow it to phase through solid material without damaging it physically. A target hit with the phased speared will have their very spirit/mp damaged equal to the phase spears cost every post, in addition, the spears remain in the target(s) body until released by Rogue, this allows Rogue to track his target regardless of the situation for as long as the spear(s) remain.
-Soul Rend (20sp +5sp for each spear): Rogue causes all phased spears to solidify and explode within a target, dealing mass amount of damage.

5. Dragon Raid (80sp): Rogue gather's raw sp particles within a single spear, causing the spear to flicker vigorously until thrown, the moment it's thrown, the spear twists and turns into a massive serpent like dragon made of raw sp that chases the target until crashing down with such force that it could shatter steel and then explodes into a massive wave of raw and unstable sp.

6. Artillery rain (28sp): Rogue throws a spear straight into the sky that scatters in a rain of pressurized spirit needles that rain down and pierce anything and everything caught in it's shower.

7: Ring of thorns (18sp) The spears around Rogue's, begin to spin rapidly around his body, slicing through anything within reach and protecting him from all physical attacks.

8. Soul reap (20sp): All phased spears fade within a target, stealing their mp/sp and giving it to Rogue, replenishing his own by 10% for each spear.

9. Serpent Squall (

10. Trident Blitz (

11. Lance barrage

12. Fatal raid:

13. Dragon drop

14. Scorpion's tail

15. Death lotus

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PostSubject: Re: Rogue Vulpis   Rogue Vulpis EmptyTue Nov 17, 2015 12:43 am


1. Name: Serkitt (30 sp)
Type: Queen (Bishop+Knight)
Body: Serkitt is a cat-sized arachnid shaped Anima, having eight legs ad six eyes with a segmented body. Serkitt looks similar to that of the pokemon Ariados, however her color is more of a deep blue and she has leopard sprint spots instead of stripes, and her eyes a light glowing orange.
Level: 2
SP: 100
Personality: Serkitt is a rather shy and timid Anima, never leaving Rogue's side even in combat. When she is called out, she will materialize on Rogue's left or right shoulder, and remain there until called away. Serkitt, despite her shy nature is very collective when it comes to combat or analyzing a situation, able to see all events from all angle..literally with dem eyes, then relays it onto Rogue. She is seen as a unique Anima since she functions primarily as an assist, and is terms of finding flaws in targets, she seems unmatched. She has a weakness for salty foods, and will open up to anyone who offers her a full shalt shaker...weirdo.
Abilities: When Serkitt is summoned, she places and invisible spider web made of her own essence underground that reaches out for over half a mile, granting her 360 degree vision. Anything moving within the web, she can instantly see, even multiple targets and transmit the location onto Rogue, in addition, this alerts her to enemy attacks, allowing Rogue some heightened senses in combat to avoid attacks and ambushes far easier. Her webbing is linked to her senses and bypasses illusions, only to herself not Rogue.


1. Adjust trajectory (30sp): If a target is within Serkitt's web, she can use her web like a magnet to change one of Rogue's thrown spears course to make it hit a target 99%

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Rogue Vulpis
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