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1. The Vagabond
-Race: Unknown
-Gender: Presumed Male
-Magic: Unknown
-Crime: the disappearances of over 30 guildsman
-Rank: S??
-Reward: 1500 Yin for information and 5000 Yin if captured
-Last Known Location: Unknown
-Description: The Vagabond is a heavily clothed enigma. Wearing a thick, tattered, rust colored trench with a collar that covers most of his face, and a western style hat. On his the Vagabond's back, "he" carries a large bandaged item that's equal in length to his body and is as thin as a katana, this item is another unknown.

2. Berry the Bomber
-Race: Troll
-Gender: asexual
-Magic: Red and Blue magic
-Crime: multiple cases of murder and terrorism
-Rank: A
-Reward: 3200 Yin (dead or alive)
-Last Known Location: Skirmishers Refuge
-Description: Berry is a highly unstable and clinically insane Troll. A former member of House of Spades until he killed one of his fellow guildsman to in his words "try out" his explosive spells. Tried to destroy the Guild Union Office and everyone in it, killed inmates while in prison, blew a hole through the Maggot's Pit Prison thus escaping said prison. Been on the run ever since but every where he goes he leaves behind destruction. He is highly dangerous, engage with caution.

3. Jawjack the Orphan maker
-Race: Shark Merfolk
-Gender: Male
-Magic: Lightning Elemental and Augmenter
-Crime: Murder and Slave trade
-Rank: B-A
-Reward: 2400 Yin (alive)
-Last Known Location: Beacon and Skirmishers Refuge
-Description: Jawjack is a very massive merfolk who carries around a large hook shaped weapon with him at all times. Jawjack is a massive man with a muscular build. This man is known to be heavily involved with any black market, often selling and trading in rare goods but he is known for his taste in selling "exotic" individuals, mainly people who have very unique features or abilities that the highest bidder will pay for. Jawjack is also know to have a prominent gambling problem.

4. Nyx Nyx
-Race: Wickerkin
-Gender: Female
-Magic: Purple Magic-Master
-Crime: Multiple cases of burglary and theft, attempt at murder, and vandalism
-Rank: B
-Reward: 1800 Yin (alive)
-Last Know Location: Beacon and The Howling Wilds
-Description: Nyx Nyx is a small, thin woman with a taste for stealing anything that has substantial value, regardless of what it is. She has stolen a total of 4 Antiques and mental stolen valuable information from Guildmasters. She is a master of illusions so be cautious.

5. Jimothy....
-Race: Norm?
-Gender: Male?
-Magic: Unknown
-Crime: disturbing the peace and simply being an annoyance to EVERYTHING!
-Rank: D
-Reward: 350 Yin? (dead or alive)
-Last Known Location: Unknown, he just appears when its inconvenient.
-Description: Jimothy is basically Fable's raving idiot. Once a member of Bastion but was thrown out for a list of reasons. He is known to just appear and disappear all over Fable, harassing everyone he sees. Physically, Jimothy is a spry thin, tall man who covers himself in paints and rags for god knows why. Try not to hurt the oaf unless you have to......
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WANTED! Bulletin Board
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