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 History of the Realm (past)

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PostSubject: History of the Realm (past)   History of the Realm (past) EmptyWed Apr 29, 2015 6:25 pm

               Long before Bastion was built, the world of the Realm was vast and ruled by 5 great nations. Each nation coincided with one another in perfect harmony. Yet like history states, nothing last forever. Dark magic was becoming more and more popular amongst the inhabitants, a form of magic only ever considered as a last result in a time of war. One thing led to another and the nations faced a rise in dark magic users who through the abuse of their power became demons. Like a virus, they spread from one nation to another, slaughtering all in their path with no goal, no aim. Luckily this was their weakness, the Nations gathered their strongest of warriors and veterans of war alike, forming the Troupe to snuff the demon plague out. In the end, the Troupe succeeded, for the time being. While the nations were patching their wounds and rebuilding, a new threat was growing, one once considered an ally.

                The nation of Grim saw dark magic as the future, believing that if the world's magic was replaced with dark that true peace would be achieved. Many believed this to be a farce and they we more than right. Grim was using dark magic to enslave and conquer all those who disobeyed them, even their own people. Soon Grim became a nation of demons that had their eyes stretch up towards the rest of the Realm. Ruled by a single man who went by the title of the "Demon King," led his forces on a conquering onslaught against the other nations. One by one they fell, until only the nation of Fable remained. Only the Troupe remained against the demon horde. Knowing that this would be their last stand, the Troupe took the battle to the Demon King himself. They gained the element of surprised and began their strike against Grim. The Troupe faced down the Demon King's armies, slaying thousands upon thousands of his forces until all that remained were 4 of the Troupe and the Demon King himself. Raigus the Almighty, Aria the Abyss, Theros the Godsmith, and Silva the Infinite faced the Demon King for the last time. Despite being horribly weakened from their battle against his forces, the Troupe brought down the Demon King. Refusing to accept defeat, the Demon King took his own life with a massive suicide spell that nearly destroyed all of Grim itself.

                  The Troupe survived by only a hair strand. With the war over and all of the other nations other than Fable lost. The Troupe sought to rebuild, making the nation of Fable their home they built a safe haven for all who sought it. They built Bastion and founded its guilds that each held an aspect of theirs as well as the lost nations that were once their homes ideals. Thus, the last of the Troupe became known as the Founders. Yet even know there was peace now, the Founders knew that there would be disputes amongst the guilds. In response to this, The founders created the Guildpact, a magical law that states, "No guild shall enforce their beliefs nor try and take control of citizens or other guilds. No guild shall fight for control over Bastion and its people, breaking this pact will result in the guilds purge, the purge being an ancient powerful spell that will erase the guild from Bastion." to enforce this law, the Jokers were made. The Jokers working as the police force within bastions, upholding its laws and even though they are a blend of the guilds, the Joker's loyalties are to Bastion, its people, and to the Guildpact. Lastly, the Founders created a massive labyrinth at the epicenter of Bastion. This labyrinth being made as a test to see which guild could clear all levels and undercover all of its secrets first. The winning guild being granted supremacy over the other guilds and creating a new Guildpact. However, the true purpose of the labyrinth is to force the guilds to work together.

                  Now, even though it has been over 198yrs since the creation of Bastion, the Founders legacy still lives through the guilds who proudly embody their ideals and aim to be everything the Founders were.
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History of the Realm (past)
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