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 Nane's Beast Emporium

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PostSubject: Nane's Beast Emporium    Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:04 pm

-Owner: Nane Clove
-Symbol: A wolf paw
-Alignment: House of Spades (25% discount)
-Sells: Tamed Chimera
-Buys: Tamed Chimera and Chimera parts.

1. Foxhound: Cost 50 yin
2. Wolfhound: Cost 60 yin
3. Blank GumGum: Cost 38 yin
4. Bud-puppy: Cost 70 yin
5. Horned-mynx: Cost 90 yin
6. Horse-fly: Cost 80 yin
7. Grass Scythe: Cost 110 yin
8. Rattle Jay: Cost 135 yin
9. Penguin Sloth: Cost 98 yin
10. Leopard-seal: Cost 120 yin
11. Python-snail: Cost 140 yin
12. Deer-mouse: Cost 115 yin
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Nane's Beast Emporium
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