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 House of Spades missions

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House of Spades missions Empty
PostSubject: House of Spades missions   House of Spades missions EmptyFri Nov 27, 2015 7:51 pm

1. Name: Them Herbs
Client: Azalea
Turn in: Spades headquarters
Rank: vary
Reward: 28 yin per herb collected
Guildmarks: 2, 5 marks if a flora chimera who provides the source is tamed instead of slain
Task: With the opening of the labyrinth and the tournament about to begin, medical supplies have been getting bought out. It's our job to keep Bastion's supplies up to date and in check so this just wont fly. I need someone to gather me up some herbs for medicine. I'm looking for some Twitching finger, Scarlet knot, Pollen bulb, and witch dew. All of these can be found on certain flora Chimera, so keep a look out.

2. Name: Running a fowl
Client: Aina
Turn in: Spades guildmaster's office
Rank: vary
Reward: 40 yin, 80 yin if the flock isn't harmed
Guildmarks: 4
Task: Our guild is responsible with providing Bastion with food, our main source of meat are from Swine-duck which we had a large flock of, HAD being the main word. A pair of Hyena-Bears chased them off into the Howling wilds and we need someone to go in there and return the flock to Bastion. Luckily for you, Swine-Duck stick with there own so if you find one, you probably found them all. Do try and return the ENTIRE flock.

3. Name: A case of the bites
Client: Nane
Turn in: Nane's beast emporium
Rank: B-A
Reward: 50 yin plus a free Chimera within my emporium
Guildmarks: 5-7
Task: So here's the thing, someone brought me a Wolfhound that is virulent, having a rare form of rabies that is highly infectious and only curable with the saliva of the original carrier. From what I know, the Wolfhound was caught within the Howling wilds. Please, find the carrier before more are inflicted with this virus and return some of it's saliva to me so I can make a cure, and if possible, try and tame the poor creature so I can treat it.

4. Name: Robbing the Honey pot
Client: Lamara
Turn in: Spades headquarters
Rank: A
Reward: 180 yin
Guildmarks: 8
Task: Ok, ok, y'all, I need some pure queen's honey that can only be found within Queen's garden. The thing is I would get it myself, but seein' as I'm a afraid of all nature of creepy crawlies, I can't even get close to that place without freakin' out n'such; so I need someone to do it for me. Within the garden, you'll find red and purple lookin' trees, you're gonna want to look for the red ones! Those babies hold the purest of queen's honey. So just go get me some and then come give it to me ya here?
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House of Spades missions
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