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 Court of Clubs missions

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Court of Clubs missions Empty
PostSubject: Court of Clubs missions   Court of Clubs missions EmptyFri Nov 27, 2015 7:14 pm

1. Name: Eye Spy
Client: Circci the 16th
Turn in: Clubs guildmaster's office
Rank: Vary
Reward: 90 yin if not spotted, 25 if spotted
Guildmarks: 4 if not spotted, 2 if spotted
Task: Hello dear, I have reason to believe one of our members by the name of Giblit, has been selling information on our doings to an unknown party. The task is simple, Giblit always begins his rounds at Harvest Square around dusk and I need you to follow him and find out of if my assumptions are true and if they are, report back to. Oh and try not to get caught sugar, I don't want things to get messy.

2. Name: Debt Collector
Client: Kuthan
Turn in: Clubs headquarters
Rank: C-A
Reward: Vary
Guildmarks: 3 per target
Task: Our guild is know for handling people's problems, for a cost of course, and another part of the job is to collect that price. A few individuals unfortunately haven't anted up. Meet me in HQ and I will notify you on the individuals and you may pick who you wish to collect from.

3. Name: The good stuff
Client: Uriagen
Turn in: Clubs guildmaster's office
Rank: A
Reward: 200 yin
Guildmarks: 6
Task: We are known to operate outside of Bastion with no notice for "unique" items that benefit our guild, and for the right price, other guilds as well. One of our informants has notified us that one such item has made its way into Skirmisher's Refuge black market and we need someone to go pick it up and return it to our mistress Circci with haste as will little to no attention as possible. Meet our informant in the black market, he goes by the name "Scar-lip".

4. Name: Hit and run
Client: Morrigan
Turn in: Clubs headquarters
Rank: B-A
Reward: 100 yin per target
Guildmarks: 4 yin
Task: Well then dear, lets get straight to it. Someone attempted to take our Guilmistresses life while she slept but luckily failed. Attempts at out mistresses life isn't uncommon, its something all Club guilmasters must deal with; but none the less, this cannot be allowed to happen again. We believe there was more than one assassin and we need you to find them all, dead or alive. From what we know, they either fled toward Beacon or Skirmisher's Refuge, possibly trying to flee to sea. Hurry and find them and then return to me with haste. Leave no evidence!
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Court of Clubs missions
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