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 Coven of Hearts missions

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Coven of Hearts missions Empty
PostSubject: Coven of Hearts missions   Coven of Hearts missions EmptyFri Nov 27, 2015 6:39 pm

1. Name: Captivate
Client: Retniap
Turn in: Harvest Square
Rank: vary
Reward: 30 yin
Guildmarks: 1 plus 3 in you draw in a big crowd
Task: I belong to a side show group who use our magic not for fighting but for entertainment We are always looking for new acts to add to our shows and we want you to show us how you would use your magic to captivate an audience.

2. Name: Sheer Mockery
Client: Aeyatos
Turn in: Hearts headquarters
Rank: B
Reward: 80 yin
Guildmarks: 4
Task: As of late, a few of our most prized pieces of art within Harvest Square have been vandalized and destroyed to the point that repair is all but useless! I will not stand for this, I'm creating a night watch to catch the bloody ruffians and stop this slaughter of creativity! Gather at Harvest Square and capture these hooligans!

3. Name: A work of art
Client: Lore Clementine
Turn in: Hearts headquarters
Rank: vary
Reward: vary
Guildmarks: vary
Task: We hearts are all about creativity, and as such, live to birth new things. That being said, we are always looking for new art to market off and ask our best to come to HQ and show us what you unique art you can create with your magic.

4. Name: Hot headed
Client: Caldera
Turn in: Hammer N'nail forgery
Rank: A
Reward: 120 yin
Guildmarks: 6
Task: I'm trying to help my friend Rockso out with creating a rather.....unique item but we need a sufficient heat source to sustain it, one that just can't be made with magic born fire. We need either an Ember Belly which can be found somewhere within the Creeping Hills or a Flame Dancer dragon if you're feeling brave located in the same location and can also be found within Dragons roost.
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Coven of Hearts missions
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