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 Order of Diamonds Missions

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Order of Diamonds Missions Empty
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1. Name: One on One
Client: Tahnrok
Turn in: Training center - post a new topic labeled "Nature room"
Rank: Vary
Reward: 30-90 yin
Guildmarks: 3
Task: I'm testing our best and brightest to snuff out their weaknesses. Come to the nature room in the training center and face of with one of your fellow guildsmen to test your skills and strength.

2. Name: Ground Up
Client: Nierfa
Turn in: Diamonds Headquarters
Rank: B
Reward: 100 Yin
Guildmarks: 6
Task: One of our mining operations in the Creeping Hills has collapsed just as we were about to hit the mother load. Go to the Creeping Hills and meet up with our dig crew for further instructions.

3. Name: A show of Strength
Client: Novah Borak
Turn in: Diamonds Guildmaster's office
Rank: Vary
Reward: 15-60 yin
Guildmarks: 1-4
Task: We Diamonds pride ourselves on our strength and endurance, and love to show it off to the rest of our guildsmen to inspire and awe. Come to the Diamonds Headquarters and show us what you got by leveling one of our dummy buildings.

4. Name: Seaside
Client: Mesprit
Turn in: Mesprit
Rank: B-A
Reward: 80 Yin for each undamaged or un-stolen supply cache
Guildmarks: 2 for each undamaged or un-stolen supply cache
Task: Hey there, I need some assistance bringing some "rare" supplies back to the guild. I made the mistake of thinking I could do it alone buuuuuuut unfortunately I was jumped by a few thugs who already ran of with a few supply caches! I'm down to six and I need some extra muscle in case these thugs come back. Come find me in the Fish-wife Inn in Skirmisher's Refuge.
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Order of Diamonds Missions
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