RoFL - Realm of Five Legions is a unique rpg that focuses heavily on individuality and characters that can be who ever or whatever you want them to be.
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 Time to get back in the game y'all!

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Time to get back in the game y'all! Empty
PostSubject: Time to get back in the game y'all!   Time to get back in the game y'all! EmptyFri Nov 13, 2015 1:30 pm

Well the reboot is around the corner and ready for anyone who wants to get up and going again.

With a reboot, me and my moderator's are allowing players to create a "dream" character for themselves. This means, if you want to make a higher ranking powerful character of the bat you can, however by doing this know their are restrictions of course to what your "dream" character can and can't do, in addition, by choosing to do this, you will make a character that will impact the world in some way, so they will be linked to the story more so than your average character would. Know that this is optional and that your dream character can your started just beefed up.

Now with people finishing their training missions and then being like "now what?" Know that there are missions you can do located in the "Alerts!" category of the forum that you can do; if not, missions will be given to you by your guildmaster if you aren't being active within the forum. These missions can be declined IF you choose to perform in a different "posted" mission, or you decide to play around in the world and do some story developing.

With the reboot, we are starting a new Story arc known as "Tis the season", know that story arcs are requirements, not optional, so go about and read what is going on in the arc so you can actually be active within the story and the world kiddies.

Now with those of you who have been here since the beginning and are still a low level, you auto level up, so go check the perks of that in the Rules section in the Index.

That is all for now, keep a look out for more news in the future

Thank you all for your participation-Admin
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Time to get back in the game y'all!
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