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 Bestiary-Unknown Classification

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PostSubject: Bestiary-Unknown Classification   Bestiary-Unknown Classification EmptyThu Nov 12, 2015 1:32 pm

1. Headless Angel

2. Name: GumGum
Type: Mixed
Rank: N/A
Body: GumGum very in size, no smaller than a basketball, and are amble to grow in size based on their habitat. The average GumGum's appearance is that of a moving crystal clear slime that's able to form a mouth and eyes.
Bio: GumGum are extremely useful yet odd creatures, able to eat Arcanium and take on its properties and color to create Rock Candy. Newborn GumGum have the ability to take on the shape and form of the first living thing they see that has substantial biomass, meaning there can be a Wolfhound or even dragon shaped GumGum. GumGum, even wild, are extremely playful and friendly literally being one of the most benign of all Chimera in the Realm.
Rarity: Mixed-Rarity is based of Arcanium that it has absorbed
Epic Breed: N/A
Habitat: Worldwide
Tameability: Yes
Drops: Rock Candy(if eaten), Gum drops

3. Mage Hunter

4. Copycat

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Bestiary-Unknown Classification
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