RoFL - Realm of Five Legions is a unique rpg that focuses heavily on individuality and characters that can be who ever or whatever you want them to be.
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 Reboot! Reboot!

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Reboot! Reboot! Empty
PostSubject: Reboot! Reboot!   Reboot! Reboot! EmptyTue Oct 20, 2015 12:21 pm

Hey everyone

I'm sorry for the lack of activity in the last few months. Life just gets in the way (meaning school) and a few members had to quit because of life as well; yet I do not wish for ROFL to simply die because of the time and work I put into creating it. Sooooo me and a friend are thinking about completely rebooting the forum, same overall world, however it will be more story drive and players will be able to start off being whatever they terms of what they will do in the universe which still means NO GOD MODING! This basically means, from the beginning, if you want to be a Joker you can, if you want to be a criminal the by all means, if you want to be a traveling pug salesman.......go for it! So I'm looking forward to the reboot and I hope those still interested will too.

Thank you
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Reboot! Reboot!
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