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 Races-always up for adding

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Known Races
1. Norm (human)
2. Elf
-Night Elf
-Dark Elf (Drow)
-Jungle Elf: tan skin, tribal, often have dreadlocks, and can handle really warm climate.
-Forest Elf
-Murk Elf: blue to green hues of skin tone, can be submerged in water for extreme lengths of time, and love shiny objects
-Snow Elf: paper white skin, tribal, can survive in extreme cold climates
-Star Elf: porcelain white skin to pitch black skin that naturally gleams, their hair is always in neon colors that glows in the dark.
3. Dwarf
4. Halfling
5. Fairy/Pixie
6. Centaur
8. Minotaur
9. Merfolk
10. Harpy
11. Siren: completely human in appearance other than their eyes reflect light and each Siren's voice has a unique power called a Lyric Note. An example being the ability to hypnotize those who hear their voice, because of this all Siren wear vocalizers that cover their actual voice with a echoing/robotic voice to prevent their voice's power.
12. Unicorn: Unicorns are a sub-race of Centaurs, having human features other than their prominent horn on their forehead and having hooves and horse-like ears.
13. Nekomata
14. Kitsune
15. Vampires: not your average vamps due to sunlight not being able to kill them but they find it very uncomfortable and easily get sunburn.
16. Troll: Trolls are actually uni-sex in Fable, they are either born prominently feminine or masculine
17. Goblin
18. Orc
19. Were: Were's can be of any animal
20. Hatter: Hatters look like Norm's however they wear living hats that are actually a second mind and personality for them, however without their hats, they cease to function.
21. Doormouse: Doormice look like norms however they have mice like characteristics such as mouse ears, tails, noses, and some even have whiskers. Doormice are extremely lazy and hard to convince to anything.
22. Cheshire: Cheshires look like Nekomata being human with catlike features however they are always smiling even when they are in grief, and they can change color at will and camouflage into their environment.
23. lizkin: humanoid reptiles pure and simple
24. Naga
25. Asura
26. Insecta: humanoid insects or norms with insect-like characteristics such as antennae or wings.
27. Mandragora: humanoid plants
28. Angel
29. Demon: note that if you're a demon, people will naturally distrust you and even attack you out of fear that you're cursed.
30. Inaba: like nekomatas but with rabbit features instead.
31. Dragonkin: Similar to the Lizkin however they have dragon-like features and can even breathe fire
32. Gemini: Gemini look like twin norms, they are capable of sharing thoughts to the point it's believed that they are just one mind with two bodies, however they cannot be 20ft away from each other or else they cease to function, because of this this, Gemini are often always seen together

Homunculus: Races that were created during the last war
1. Basic Homonculus can look like any race above
2. Sugarplum: Sugarplums look like norms other than they are made of pure condensed sugar cells and come in a variety of colors and....flavors, despite being made of sugar, its condensed to well that water cannot harm them however heat can, they can literally melt or have their cake like organs over bake.
3. Doll
4. Ragdoll
5. Fury: Furies are living humanoid elements
6. Wickerkin: Wickerkin are living human shaped candles, their only real weakness if the candle on their head goes out which will cause their body to harden.
7. Crystalin: living humanoid gemstones
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Races-always up for adding
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