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 Official Magic Class-First timers come here!

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Official Magic Class-First timers come here! Empty
PostSubject: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 11:15 am

1. Mind/Purple
-(Strengths) Those who use mind magic literally use brainpower offensively and defensively. Often being called Psychiccers, are able to use their mind for telepathy, telekinesis, psionics, and manipulation of their's or opponents the senses. Psychiccers are capable of creating illusions that fool the mind of their foes so severely that they can trick the body into harming itself, an example being you create and illusion of a flood and your target is caught in the middle of it, based on your mental strength, you can make the illusion seem so real that the body will trick itself into thinking its drowning. In addition, Psychiccers are capable of transferring their minds into other beings and objects to take full control of it, to an extent of course. Think of mind magic like genjutsu in Naruto. In addition to psionics, mind magic users can create psi-blades, shields, wings, etc.

-(Weakness) Unlike most forms of magic, mind magic requires a lot of focus, causing Psychiccers to mainly be only capable of performing one spell/ability at a time. In addition, Psychiccers are extremely weak offensively since they focus purely on their mind as a weapon. A prominent weakness of Psychiccers is that anytime they wish to manipulate a living creature or object, their must be some form of contact, such as if you were to transfer your mind into a person, you'd need either direct eye contact, be touching them, or be touching something that they are touching at the same time. In addition, Psychiccers often suffer from migraines or severe mental trauma if they over use their magic's capacity.

Examples of Mind magic
1. Telepathy
2. Telekinesis
3. Mind Possession
4. Mental puppetry
5. Illusions
6. Probing
7. Hypnosis
8. Sensing
9. Psionics
10. Mental constructs

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PostSubject: Re: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 11:56 am

2. Body/Red
Those who use body/physical magic, literally use their body in terms of spellcasting, able to push their body past it's limits exponentially. The basics of those who use Body/physical magic comes in three base forms, Augment, Enhance, and forge. Note, you don't have to use the base forms, they are simply used as a guideline, just know this magic type is purely body/physical based, so your spells will revolve around that.
1. Augment
-(Strengths) Augmenting allows shape shifting in a sense, able to change their body into gaining aspects of other creatures like mammals, fish, insects, etc, and gain their capabilities. Note, they can't completely change into the creature, just take on aspects of the creature such; basically like being a werewolf and the changes don't have to be drastic, you can just leave it at growing a pair of bird wings. Augmenting isn't just restricted to gaining animalistic traits. Those who use this form of body/physical magic are even capable of growing extra limbs and if needed, even organs.

-(Weaknesses) Augmenting has a limit of course, you cannot shape shift into other players or people in general. However, masters are capable of taking on traits of characters thus gaining some of their abilities, this being rare and extremely difficult. Also, there is a difference between partial transformation and full body transformation. Partial transformation like insect wings or a bear arm are only limited to the amount of MP you are willing to spend to keep shifting. However full body shifting is expensive and once your full body shifted, you cannot shift into another full body unless you shift back into your true form.

2. Enhance
-(Strengths) Enhancing is basically the ability to strengthen or weaken a physical object whether it be organic or inorganic. Such as, one could increase any of their five sense and push pass what would be considered their body's limits. One could enhance themselves to be as strong as an elephant, light as a feather, fast as a cheetah, and have eyes like a hawk. In terms of enhancing things by touch, one who focuses on enhancing is capable of making 500lp boulder weigh as light as pebble or enhance its dexterity making it so fragile that a flick with crumble it to dust.

-(Weaknesses) There is a limit to how much one can enhance and what they can enhance. An example being that you cannot enhance all of their five senses at once. To enhance uses up MP like all magic(except spirit). In terms of enhancing one's physical capabilities, one cannot just immediately be able to lift three tons or have a 3 ton punch, you have to start small by double your strength and keep doubling it until it reaches that point, each doubling costing mp. This cost being used for each amount of enhancing

3. Forge
-(Strengths) those who forge are capable of creating an array of objects and structures by touching nearly anything. Forging is basically like Ed's alchemy in Full Metal Alchemist, where whatever he touched he could form into a weapon, wall, stairs, etc. Forging is basically the same exact thing where forgers can create weapons such as swords, spears, and any other melee form of object out of what ever material they are using to forge with. Forging is an extremely powerful form of magic since all you need to do is touch something and create whatever comes to mind, except complex structures such as machinery since you'd have to forge every individual part one at a time. This means you cannot forge firearms all at once, you'd literally have to forge each and every individual piece of it and put it together yourself to do so *I'd suggest you do that outside of combat if you plan on creating such items.*

-(Weaknesses) There is a drawback to what one can forge. You cannot Forge living things such as plants, animals, and of course people except for yourself such. To do so you'd need to be a Rank B or higher and it counts as black magic if you're changing a living creature or player against its/their will, unless your creating your own living creature through forging genetics. In addition, you cannot forge something that doesn't have technical solid body of mass and something that if you'd touch would harm you, such as gas, fire, acid, water, lava, etc. Another drawback to forging is you can only create using your materials base mass meaning you cannot turn a 5lb 2in x 2in metal cube into a 30ft 100lp wall. However you can stretch the metal cube into a dagger, a couple of spoons, or a sphere. Which also means the more you stretch material, you are thinning it out and decreasing its stability like stretching a piece of chewed gum until it snaps, this having the same of effect. Basically the more material you have to work with the better.

Examples of Body/physical magic

1. Animal traits
2. Partial transformation
3. Full body transformation
4. Limb duplication
5. Organ replication
6. Cell replication(faster healing)

1. increased strength
2. increased speed. not just for running put punches and kicks.
3. faster healing
4. increased hearing
5. haw sight
6. animalistic smell
7. increased or decreased(weightlessness) weight
8. skin and or bone strength *making your skin or bones as hard as metal)  
9. fragility

1. Melee weapons
2. Shields
3. Armor
4. Walls
5. Stairs
6. Spikes
7. statues
8. golems

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PostSubject: Re: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 12:03 pm

3. Soul/Blue
-(Strengths) Those who use soul magic are capable of creating nearly anything that comes to their mind *basically they are like the lanterns from Green Lantern or Quincy's from Bleach*. However, soul magic users can only create using their very soul as the material. Often labeled as Conjurors, they can basically create whatever comes to mind except whatever they conjuror works like a glass cannon, having only a single use and having an ethereal form due to it being made our of the users soul. Conjurors are even capable of conjuring living creatures known as Anima. Anima reflect their summoners soul and emotions, giving them their own personality and traits. Since Anima are formed from the soul, they are able to take on nearly any shape and form their Conjurors desires but their appearance is basically permanent since they count as another character but they still have that ethereal aspect about them. Most Conjurors will use their Anima as their means of combat while working as a support for it or other allies *like pokemon/digimon.* However this isn't that case for a few. Some Conjurors will focus on combat themselves by summoning their own array or ethereal weaponry or even strands of their spirit to control puppets or other objects.

-Anima Types: now with Anima, their size and function is based on what type they are, which in total there are 6 types of Anima, 2 of which can only be achieved through increasing their rank.

1. Pawn: Pawns are small, weak, hive minded Anima that basically work like cannon fodder since they are extremely cheap to summon and can be summoned in large numbers as opposed to other types of Anima which can only be summoned one at a time. Pawns are often used to swarm foes or be used as living shields. In addition, pawns lack full personality as opposed to other types of Anima, due to the fact that they are basically clones and have a simple function.
2. Knight: Knights are fast, agile, often human-sized scrappers that focus on getting the job down quick. They focus mainly on their speed and agility in combat, however they are vulnerable to heavy attacks due to this. Unlike pawns, knights actually have a personality like the rest of the Anima types.
3. Rook: Rooks are large, heavy hitters that are built to take as much hits as possible. However, due to their size and strength, they are extremely slow.
4. Bishop: Bishops are tactical, calm, and collective Anima that heavily focus on support and range tactics. Bishops are most commonly used for support for other Anima or allies, this however makes them extremely vulnerable to attacks and weak in direct combat.
5. Queen: Queens are Anima that consist of 2 or more types, such as a knight, rook mix. This can by achieved by adding a sub type to your Anima every 2 ranks.
6. King: Kings consist of a Anima that has mastered its type completely by reaching the Rank of A-S. This would technically make it a King of whatever type it already is, such as an King Pawn and etc.

 -(Weaknesses) Conjurors are extremely powerful due to the freedom they have in their conjuring, their drawback is severe. Unlike other forms of magic, soul magic uses the users soul meaning if they completely deplete their SP, they DIE! In addition, SP is far lower than MP, meaning they can only conjure so much before they burn out. However if a Conjurer dies due to soul depletion, they can be revived as long as a piece of their soul still exists outside of their body. Basically, if you die and your Anima is still alive and kicking, you can be brought back. Now with Anima, you can only create an Anima once per rank, so every time you go up a rank you can create another Anima. The reason for this is that they are basically another Character.

Examples of Conjuring
1. Summoning Anima
2. Weapons of any kind
3. Armor
4. Barriers
5. Wings
6. Structures

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PostSubject: Re: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 12:39 pm

4. Spirit/Green
Those who use spirit magic are basically using all three of the other magic types, being mind, body, and soul at once or in perfect sync with each other. There is two known forms of spirit magic, elemental and faith. Note, you don't have to use either of the two base form of this magic, they are simply a guideline, just know that Spirit magic uses all of the three classes in sync.

-(Strengths and Weaknesses) The most common form/practice of spirit users is the manipulation of the elements; since to do so requires mental control, physical interaction, as well as spiritual guidance in order to give the element command and direction. Those who use spirit magic to control the elements are labeled as elementals, and basically work as Benders in Avatar mixed with elemental based magic in Fairytail and elemental based jutsu in Naruto. Yet to control whatever your desired element is, you need a suitable source. Such as if you were a fire elemental then you'd need a source of fire like a lighter, bonfire, your own body's heat, etc. Now with controlling an element, think purely of bending where its more like a free flow motion of the element, which when its flowing around your body its called Flow. Now of course you can control more than one element or advance your current element through increasing your rank, which advanced elements only need their basic state to be created and once your a master you no longer need a source for either.

2. Faith
-(Strengths and Weaknesses) Faith is considered the most orthodox form of magic, and uncommonly practiced. Those who use Faith gain power through being linked to something(often religious based), this can be an object but the most common and powerful are those who are linked deities, planets, and even star constellations. Those who use this form of spirit magic are highly devoted to whatever their faith is linked to and use spells that revolve around said source; such as if one was linked to the moon, their power would be at it highest at night and each of their spells would focus on the moon. The main drawback to Faith is that they must be linked to their faiths source in order to actually use spells. Those who are linked to a deity must pray to that said deity in order to actually use spells, while those who are linked to something that they can actually see must be in sight or held in order to use spells.

Types of Elements-basic
1. Fire
2. Water
3. Earth (stone and flora)
4. Air
5. Ice
6. Metal
7. Lightning
8. Dark (shadows)
9. Light (literal light)

Fused basic Elements
-can be made if the user has 2 or more basic elements
1. Ice: water + wind
2. Metal: earth + fire
3. Lightning: air + fire

1. Lava: advanced form of fire and fusion of fire + earth + water
2. Storm: advanced form of lightning and fusion of lightning + water
3. Gravity: advanced form of earth
4. Magnetism: advanced form of metal and fusion of metal + lightning
5. Steam: advanced form of water and fusion of water + fire
6. Plasma/energy: advanced form of light and fusion of light + fire
7. Sound: advanced form of air and fusion of air + metal

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PostSubject: Re: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! EmptyFri Jun 26, 2015 12:39 pm

Celestial magic/White
-Celestial magic is the only form of magic that can only be achieved through being taught and is the highest form of magic one can perform. Celestial magic is A through S+ rank magic and basically is bending reality to your will.

Examples of Celestial Magic
1. Time control
2. Preventing death or rebirth
3. Manipulation probability
4. Manipulating space
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Official Magic Class-First timers come here! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Official Magic Class-First timers come here!   Official Magic Class-First timers come here! Empty

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Official Magic Class-First timers come here!
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