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 Neutral Missions

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PostSubject: Neutral Missions   Neutral Missions EmptySun Jun 14, 2015 3:20 pm

1. Name: A case of a lost familiar
Client: Maha
Turn in: Maha's Cauldron: Magical Goods Emporium in Bastion Marketplace
Rank: C
Reward: 35 Yin, half off on any item in shop
Guildmarks: 1 Guildmark
Task: My familiar lacie was gone missing! She was last seen somewhere in the training center, she'll get hurt there or worse! Please find her soon!

2. Name: Sour Gum
Client: Bella Bonadette
Turn in: Sugar Lips Cafe in Bastion Marketplace
Rank: C
Reward: 55 Yin, plus 15 per additional GumGum
Guildmarks: 2 Guildmarks
Task: My wife and I are short a few GumGum, they are common in the Creeping Hills, Shimmering Glades, and the Crystal Grotto. Please go out and capture us a few!

3. Name: Heavy Metal
Client: Rockso
Turn in: Hammer N' Nail Forgery in Bastion Marketplace
Rank: C-B
Reward: 90 yin
Guildmarks: 4
Task: My stock on metal ores has been awfully low. My last shipment from the Crystal Grotto was supposedly lost after a Chimera Attack and those sorry good for nothings I payed to bring my goods are too chicken to get my goods back. Basically, find my goods and you get their pay.

4. Name: A Falling Star
Client: Trish Valentine
Turn in: Joker Headquarters In Bastion Plaza
Rank: ??
Reward: 300 Yin, 15 Yin per recovered Alpha teammates, additional 30 Yin per resource discovered  
Guildmarks: 7 guildmarks
Task:A comet was seen crash landing somewhere in the Howling Wilds. A team was sent out not long ago and there has been no contact since. The task is to find out anything about the comet, retrieve any materials from it, and find the lost team.

5. Name:
Turn in:

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Neutral Missions
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