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 Raven Cromwell

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PostSubject: Raven Cromwell   Raven Cromwell EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 9:51 pm

-Name: Raven Cromwell
-Race: Vampire
-Age: 12???
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: Turuturu 5
-Magic Type: Body-Blood
-Magic: 100
-MP: 100
-Rank: D-Bronze
-Guild: Court of Clubs
-Occupation: In-training

-Appearance: Pale white skin, crimson red eyes and raven black hair. Fully clothed in black garbs, consisting of a flowing black trench coat and black wide rimmed cowboy hat hiding the scars that riddle her body. Covers as much of her skin as possible as she hates the sun.

-Personality: True Chaotic Evil nothing more, loves violence and conflict. Though seems relatively mysterious and their motives are hidden.

-History: ???

-Yin: 100

-Pockett: Full Size Refined Steel Coffin

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PostSubject: Abilities/Spells   Raven Cromwell EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 9:56 pm

Hemokinesis: Raven has the ability to manipulate and control blood with her mind allowing her to speed up or slow down the production of her own blood or any blood she controls, higher ranks will allow further control and manipulation, giving her a greater range of control and further range of influence even.

Cromwell Technique: Blood Consumption - User uses their blood like a parasite to enter their victim and break down and consume their flesh, bone and skin. Consumed blood is than used to heal and regenerate energy, excess blood stored in a containment Vessel (In Raven's Case her Coffin) At highest rank Blood Consumption is able to grant access to any genetic traits of the victim and able to transfer Long Term Memories.

Cromwell Technique: Blood Disguise - User accesses the various types of DNA that were consumed and uses it to change and manipulate their physical appearance, this technique can only be done after the user has consumed at least one person.

Cromwell Technique: Currency of Blood - Clan Ritual that cashes Blood as Life Currency consuming entire living Human-esque beings whilst still alive or just before death the user of the consumption technique will be granted an additional life, if the user is to die they lose one of their lives and undergo an extremely painful and uncomfortable regeneration, regeneration time is reduced with the higher rank of the user.

Cromwell Technique: Blood Petrification - Using her own blood as a means of attack Raven is known to willingly allow blood to be drawn through means of wounds or the such. As she is a melee fighter this attack is particularly useful as she uses the blood to coat various parts of her opponent and then solidifies it by pulling the iron in the blood to solidify and stun opponents limbs. Higher ranks allow a longer duration on the stun.

Cromwell Technique: Blood Weaponry: Raven uses the same methods as the Petrification technique to create weapons of her own blood she can freely use and manipulate as if it were a symbiotic bio-metal to create a variety of offensive weapons I.E Claws, Hammer Fist, Whipfist, Blades.

Cromwell Technique: Blood Defense: Pretty much the weaponry technique just used to make defenses higher levels makes the armors and shields stronger, pretty much self explanatory.

Blood Tagging - Using her vampiric instincts and hemokinesis Raven light's up an area by covering it with blood remiscent to a radioactive dust tagging this blood will return to Raven after a short while and lasts longer at higher stages.

Heat Vision (Genetic trait for vamps) Allows to see body heat and other such heat signatures or lack there of .

Cromwell Technique Iron Maiden: Filling her coffin with blood Raven slowly breaks down it's original metal and breaks it down into the blood essentially reforging the coffin of blood and steel in which she infused a seal of consumption to allow her to store excess blood in her coffin which can be accessed when it is needed, this consumption can also be used as a bank for Blood Currency. Due to being made of blood the coffin can be regenerated and reformed should it be damaged or consumed by Raven for safe keeping.

Hemogenesis: Raven reverse engineers her blood based magic to convert the magic back into blood the higher she levels the faster she can do this, it's pretty self explanitory.

Forbidden Cromwell Technique: Release of the Cromwell Restraints: A multi layered sealing spell that binds the Cromwell family to their respective coffin, this technique is believed to release the true power of the Cromwell clan. These restraints are never to be released lest the user is in a dangerous position that leaves them in a potentially life threatening position there are 4 levels to this technique after the restraints are no longer released the user must rest to regain energy. The higher Raven ranks the longer the restraints can be released at her highest rank she can leave them permanently released.

Level 3: This is the first restraint at the disposal of Raven she can access this in a situation where she is left with little to no energy, this restraint releasing speeds up her blood production, oxygenation, and hemogenesis to give more energy, speed and strength.

Level 2: Pre-requisites match Level 3 however also meet the condition of being outnumbered or outpowered basically just an additional buff to the afforementioned stats. Raven undergoes a subtle change where she begins to permeate darkness.

Level 1: Life must literally be on the edge of death, Raven's Coffin will come out of her opening and closing around her the restraint will be released as the coffin opens once more revealing Raven once more her eyes will be completely blacked out and her will be wild and unruly a hellish aura will be permeating from her and she will have a full mouth of fangs, this restraint further increases her strength and blood manipulation abilities.

Level 0: A secret ability that only can be released with the knowledge from an unknown individual, this technique is extremely forbidden and legend states that releasing it would release the full power of the Cromwell's true ancestor.

Liquification: Raven pretty much turns herself into blood, this is only used as an escape mechanism or a way to hide into her coffin, she can also use this petrify herself into solid symbiote which she can use offensively to slip into a host and destroy from the inside.

Cromwell Technique - Blood Cannons: Raven uses the weaponry technique to create 2 rather large pistols that should out the symbiotic blood metal as large slugs, this is a heavily taxing weapon to create however the ammo is very cheap and very powerful, the power of these guns equates to the power of a cannon, at higher ranks Raven learns to use these perfectly with as little kick back as possible.

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Raven Cromwell
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