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 Diz Nortlu

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PostSubject: Diz Nortlu   Diz Nortlu EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 2:17 pm

Name: Dizzy (Diz for short) Nortlu
Race: Norm
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Birthday: Cenbur 2nd
Magic: Spirit
Sp: 100
Rank: D-Bronze
Guild: coven of Hearts
Occupation: Gamer
Appearance: Diz is 5ft2, ruffled medium length vanilla hair and eyelashes, fair peach skin, amber near gold eyes. Diz is near sighted and so always wear a pair of brick shaped glasses. Diz wears casual wear clothing, always light colors with a bright colored vest or over shirt, his common wear are white slacks, button-up shirt, with an orange vest that has pixilation patterns running along the trim. Diz also has a prominent scar above his right eyebrow running along his hairline, the cause he wont say.
Personality: Diz is considered to be heavily anti-social. His lifestyle involves avoiding individuals he deems "boring" and playing games all day on his custom made portable systems. Now he doesn't just avoid people, people avoid him, the reason being he points out their flaws and rates people on a variety of things, not the best ice breaker when you rate  someone a 0 on intelligence.
History: Diz was raised by what he considered "boring" parents, both of which are Jokers to which Diz detests, because of this they were never truly around when he was growing up. Due to this, Diz delved into gaming and creating machines and toys to keep himself occupied. Now Diz is what he considers a master gamer so much so his magic makes his games reality, how he will use this is a mystery.
Yin: 100
Pockett: Custom refined Power Gauntlet: the gauntlet is linked to Diz and can only be used by him, if another tries to access it, the gauntlet will self destruct.

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PostSubject: Re: Diz Nortlu   Diz Nortlu EmptyFri Jun 05, 2015 2:42 pm

Faith-linked to Power Gauntlet
1. Pixelfication (45mp + 15per extra length): Diz charges his power gauntlet and chooses a target, the target's body becomes a flattened 8-bit version of themselves, the target while in this form cannot be harmed nor can they harm others or cast spells. Pixelfication lasts one of targets posts unless extra mp was paid to lengthen time.

2. Rainbow Dash (18mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet to launch himself at super human speed but only in a straight trajectory meaning he cannot run in circles or change trajectory once launched. Once launched, Diz practically teleports but leaves behind a rainbow trail.

3. Ender Zone (25mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet and opens up a glowing green pixelated platform in a specific area that completely freezes whatever targets are caught within it in place, all the targets can do is speak and move their eyes. Targets can escape by paying up the mp cost of this spells.

4. KamikamiBOMB (80mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet creating a ball of raw unstable mana within his right hand, the ball keeps getting bigger until launched to which the ball explodes on contact with it's target nearly frying it, leaving only pixel cubes behind. The bomb acts like a Cero from Bleach and a Bijuu bomb from Naruto in one. The KamikamiBOMB evolves based on Diz's level
Lv1. Basic
Lv2. Explodes into smaller bombs that can scatter.
Lv3. Bomb triples in size becoming close to that of a semi truck, length wise all around.
Lv4. Creates an energy buzzsaw around the ball that once launched, shreds through all targets while holding them in place before the bomb goes off.
Lv5. Bomb becomes 30times the size of Diz, capable of destroying a small city.

6. Pixel-8 (14mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet an creates 8 perfect holograms of himself that he can instantly transfer his true body to at will. The holograms cease to exist on contact with an enemy attack.
-2 post cool down

7. Golden gun (38mp):Diz charges his power gauntlet to create a golden pixelated NES Zapper that fires raw mana at targets, the rounds come in beams instead of bullets. Golden gun evolves based on Diz's level
Lv1. Basic
Lv2. Fires fives rounds at once.
Lv3. Rounds now can serpentine and trace target instead of moving in a straight line.
Lv4. Rounds now leave a trail of explosions until they hit a target.
Lv5. Rounds can be fused to fire a massive death ray that destroys anything and everything caught within it's radius.

8. Invader Zone (40mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet to open up a pixelated rift that summons a car sized "Invader" *think of the arcade game* that hovers above Diz, firing energy beams at target.

9. Centipede lane (36mp): Diz charges his power gauntlet to open up a pixelated rift the summons a five segmented pixelated centipede looking creature. The centipede can move extremely fast and each segment can explode like a bomb. The true usefulness of the centipede is that it can't be destroyed unless all segments are gone and that Diz is capable of trading locations with the centipede.

Gamer Mode
-Gamer mode is a form that Diz can enter at the beginning of combat. Once active, Diz gains levels per post, levels give Diz a set of abilities that stack per level, the drawback being while in Gamer mode diz cannot use cheats.

Level 1: Basic/Starter

Level 2: All spells cost 25% less and pixel cubes begin to form around Diz

Level 3: Diz's agility, speed, and strength increase tenfold. His hair spikens upward and he gains the ability to fly.

Level 4: Diz's body begins to fade in and out like a glitch making random bits of his body appear staticy, spells cost an additional 15% less.

Level 5: Diz completely transform gaining skin tight metallic armor with energy circuits running through his limbs and torso that flicker every so often, he also gains a helmet that completely covers his head with a screen for a face that has a heart monitor streak running through it and a power meter that scans his enemies allowing his to analyze their power levels and take less damage from all of their techniques once performed.
(appearance based of off Rinzler from Tron and Dj Sona from LoL)

-Cheats are abilities built into the power gauntlet  that use up no mp however only one cheat can be cast in a day.

1. The Gathering: Diz gains full mp for a post.

2. Food for thought: One of Diz's spells cost no mana for an entire post.

3. The Cake is a lie: Diz makes a single enemy spell completely useless for an entire post.

4. Debug mode: Diz can change an enemy's spell into anything he wants or change one of his spells into an enemy's spell.

5. Noglues: Diz can't be harmed what so ever for an entire post, however he cannot cast any spells for that duration.

6. Power Overwhelming: Diz can auto level up to level 5 for a single post, however once the post is up, he returns to level one and cannot level up for the remainder of the post.
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Diz Nortlu
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