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 Yuu and Yahn Yanzi

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PostSubject: Yuu and Yahn Yanzi   Yuu and Yahn Yanzi EmptySat May 23, 2015 11:08 am

Name: Yuu and Yahn Yanzi
Race: Gemini
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthday: 5th of Turuturu
Magic: Body
MP: 150
Rank: C-Copper
Guild: House of Spades
Appearance: Yuu and Yahn are both about 5ft'8, olive colored skin, both have ocean blue eyes that darken based on their mood, their hair is medium length originally platinum blond hair but the two have the tendency to change it in order to confuse people which is which, each Yuu has the tendency to dress more formal while Yahn dresses more punky but they swap outfits on a regular basis, in addition they each share a pair of glasses that normally Yahn starts with then gives to Yuu yet neither of the two need glasses, it's just another ploy to confuse people.
Personality: Yuu and Yahn are seemed to be a bit childish and rash, often playing games with people such as "who is who?" just to confuse everyone which the two mind amusing. Yet at times they can be intensely serious when they have a goal in mind to the pint it's just scary. However, due to them being a Gemini, it's hard to determine if they have two separate minds since Gemini's share thoughts, so are they two minds that can just share thoughts or one mind that shares two bodies, this belief also being supported due to the fact that the two cannot be 20ft away from each other or else they cease to function, because of this they are always together.
History: Yuu and Yahn were born in Beacon and abandoned at a young age, ever since they began a life of thievery and side show stunts just to gain the extra Yin they needed in order to survive. However one day they noticed a Joker wandering into Beacon, one who had quite the hefty bag of Yin on his side. This of course the two couldn't ignore. They attempted to steal the Yin by strategically passing the Yin back in forth to one another all throughout beacon in hopes to confuse and loose him. They thought they finally lost him until the man noticed that the two were well of course...two and purposely split them up farther and farther from each other until they reached their limit. Finally caught, the man decided, instead of arresting them, he would take them to Bastion in order to better use their skills. The twins at first resisted the idea but were swayed by the fact at a luxurious life or at least what they considered luxurious, roof over your head, decent clothes, jobs, food, etc, and the icing on the cake, a huge city to royally screw with
Yin: 400
Pockett: Dual Kamas

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PostSubject: Re: Yuu and Yahn Yanzi   Yuu and Yahn Yanzi EmptyTue May 26, 2015 10:03 pm


Full body transformation

1. Pisces Stance (40mp)
-Both of the twins take on an fish-like form, gaining gills, shark teeth, webbed hands, and feet. In this form, the twins are able to swim and high speeds and able to see even in the darkest of waters.

-Feeding Frenzy (13mp): The twins swarm around a target within the water, extending their claws, forming saw like protrusions. Then in an instant the twins hack away at the target with her jagged claws, one after another at high speeds without giving the target any chance to respond as their body is torn to pieces.

-Venom Vapor (18mp): The twins form a toxic sack within their body that can be expelled to form a thick black cloud of poison that eats away at organic matter.

2. Leo Stance (40mp)
-Both of the twins take on a feline-like form, gaining patches of fur, hair becoming more like a mane, claws, tails, and heightened sense of smell and agility.

3. Anguis Stance (26mp)
-Both of the twins take on a snake-like form, gaining scales, fangs, and snake eyes. In this form, the twins are able to stretch their limbs and bodies to extraordinary length, and able to shed their skin in order to heal or escape an attack, they are also immune to poisons in this form.
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Yuu and Yahn Yanzi
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