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 Beryl Bonadette

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PostSubject: Beryl Bonadette   Beryl Bonadette EmptyFri May 15, 2015 1:33 pm

-Name: Beryl Bonadette
-Race: Star Siren (Star elf + Siren mix)
-Age: 20
-Gender: Female
-Birthday: Oarbur 14th
-Magic: Body
-MP: 150
-Rank: C-Copper
-Guild: Order of Diamonds
-Occupation: Rookie
-Guildmarks: 1

-Appearance: Beryl is 5ft9, very beautiful,thin, moderate bust, jade green eyes, rose pink skin that slightly glistens, a beauty mark under the left side of her bottom lip, her hair is normally always different in length an color because she constantly cuts and dyes is and Enhances it to quickly regrow it. Currently her hair is neck length that's faded pink with violet tips, during the day she keeps it wild and layered, put at night she keeps it straight.  

-Personality: Beryl is very upbeat, energetic, and kind. Always keeping herself busy with a project. However despite Beryl seeming to be an image of perfection, she has built up anger issues. All it takes is one thing to go wrong and Beyl with unleash a fury the likes hell has never seen. She hopes that her early time in the guild will cure this but unfortunately...everyone including her parents doubt that.

-History: Beryl, being half Siren, was always told to be careful when she spoke, especially when she was young since a child Siren's voice can nearly kill someone if not properly protected. Despite this, she was still a bundle of energy, never wanting to stay still for too long, always wanting to be near people. Every since she was young would go out of her way to help others, often helping her mother's run their café, The Sugar Lips Café. Her mother's are dedicated Diamonds that find any way they can to support their guilds goals, something Beryl found aspiring, because of this she decided she would do the same when the time came, that time being now.

-Yin: 50


1.Refined Steel Spiked Knuckles
2. Soulstone x2,
3. Mana Shot X2
4. Mana Tonic
5. Bombstone x3
6. Unrefined Barrier Arcanium-Usage 3
7. Unrefined Warp Arcanium -Usage 3

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PostSubject: Re: Beryl Bonadette   Beryl Bonadette EmptyFri May 15, 2015 1:43 pm

Genetic Trait
1. Lyric Note: Bestial Command
-Beryl being a half siren, has a Lyric note. Her Lyric note allows her the ability to control tameable Chimera that are equal to or less than her rank

1. Enhance: Vocal (5mp)

2. Enhance: Feather likeness (15mp)
-This spell allows Beryl or whatever she touches to be near weightless and float

3. Enhance: Shotgun punch (30mp)
-This spell enhances the momentum of Beryl's punches, causing an intense pressure after shock after she hits an object the effects being similar to a 12 gage shotgun firing off at close range.

4. Enhance: Piston thrust (25mp)
-This spell causes momentum to build up around a particular spot on Beryl's body. This momentum works like a small bubble of pressure that detonates the moment Beryl hits an object, thus the bubble pops causing the target to go flying at high velocity.

5. Enhance: Bioshock (55mp)
-This spell causes Beryl's bio-electrical output to increase drastically, to the point she can send out an electrical charge to whatever touches her. This charge being extremely painful to living things and is capable of stunning or causing severe damage if she aims for their heart(s) or head. This spell is purely physical.

6. Enhance: Senses (15mp per sense, cannot more than one at once)

7. Enhance: Tracer (10mp)
-This spell allows Beryl to focus her hearing and sight at once on a vicinity to track sound waves, with both senses being in sync, Beryl is actually able to see the sound waves, seeing everything they hit to find its source.

8. Crystal embodiment (cost based on type)
-This spell allows Beryl to re-arrange the configuration of carbon atoms of her body, causing her skin to turn  into any hard material such as diamond, steel, platinum, and etc.

1. Marble Platting (15mp)-Turns beryl's skin into marble, making her extremely heavy and able to withstand heat and heavy blows.

2. Titanium Platting (27mp)-Beryl's skin becomes titanium based, able to withstand pressure, erosion, acid, and is durable and light.

3. Diamond Platting (45mp)- Beryl's skin turns into diamond, making her body razor sharp even, durable, nearly indestructible, able to reflect light

4. Platinum Platting (68mp)- Beryl's skin turns into platinum making her resistant to heat, acid, and electricity, in addition, her body is able to withstand immense stress ad pressure.

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PostSubject: Re: Beryl Bonadette   Beryl Bonadette EmptyMon Jul 27, 2015 1:47 pm

Tamed Chimera

1. Snips the Grass scythe
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Beryl Bonadette
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