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 Lore Clemantine

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PostSubject: Lore Clemantine    Lore Clemantine  EmptyThu Apr 30, 2015 1:40 pm

-Name: Lore Clemantine
-Race: Tanuki
-Age: 28 years
-Gender: Male
-Birthday: 12th of Horobur
-Magic: Body and Faith
-MP: 500
-SP: 500
-Rank: S+
-Guild: Coven of Hearts
-Occupation: Hearts Guildmaster
-Appearance: Lore is a very lean well built man with vanilla skin, grey eyes, wild shaggy shoulder length black hair. His base appearance is that of a human/norm male; but when he gets angry, his raccoon-like features begin to show such as slit pupils, claws, ears, even a snout. He has a raccoon tail that he keeps hidden.
-Personality: Lore is a very blunt, charismatic, charming, and cheerful man. He often sees the good in everyone, even those who seem far to gone. Lore's bright and cheery personality shouldn't be mistaken; if angered or his trust is ever betrayed, his cheery demeanor becomes that of pure rage and wrath.  
-History: Despite Lore's current status, he was once a weak feeble boy. He was originally born with red magic and yet for some reason couldn't use it. He would try his hardest to augment and enhance his body, yet to no avail, and every time he would try and forge material from another, it would never take shape. This labeled him as a failure among artisans within the Coven of Hearts for they were masters at body and form. Lore near gave of on magic and being an artisan for being criticized and bullied terribly every day for his failures; until he met Gowland Svithe who saw potential in him. Gowland simply told him to do the exact opposite of what red magic users do, which is.....think, Gowland told Lore to not THINK of what he wanted his magic to do and simply let his magic flow. Lore o course thought the man was a fool, just criticizing him like everyone else until he noticed the ground around him changed shape as he touched it. Since that day, lore has become a master at forging and made his way as guildmaster of the Coven of Hearts, following in Gowland's footsteps.
-Yin: 5000
1. Hecate-Wand
2. Artemis-Bow
3. Argos-Shield
4. Cronus-Sword

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Lore Clemantine  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lore Clemantine    Lore Clemantine  EmptyTue May 05, 2015 12:39 am



1. Blade forge: Armory(50mp)-Lore triggers the ground beneath him to twist and turn, causing whatever inorganic material to create an arsenal of swords that scatter for around the area for over a mile. Once a sword is pulled from the ground, another will forge to take it's place.

2. Enhance: body polish(28mp)-By enhancing his muscles and skin cells, Lore's body skin becomes hard as diamonds and his strength triples. When this occurs, his very skin has a glistening sheen to it. This spell can be applied to whatever he touches (damage reduced by 25% allowing two shot protection from physical attacks.)

3. Enhance: Tracer (10mp) -This spell allows Lore to focus his hearing and sight at once on a vicinity to track sound waves, with both senses being in sync, Lore is actually able to see the sound waves, seeing everything they hit to find its source.

4. Enhance: Feather likeness (15mp)-This spell allows Lore or whatever he touches to be near weightless and float

5. Blade Forge: cascading blades (30mp) Lore slams his hands onto the ground, causing the surface touched to twist and turn into a wave of blades that rushes toward a target(s) shredding them while crushing them.

6. Enhance: Fleet foot (15mp) Lore enhances the muscles in his legs to allowing him to move at immense speeds, literally appearing in a flash.  

7. Enhance: senses (perk)


Lore's faith is linked to four weapons he crafted. Each one requires a command in order to be used and cost Mp and SP order to be used.

-Hecate (300mp to cast +150sp for each turn active)
Command: "I call upon thee, she who turns voice into flame, reason into insanity, she who defies the world and turns it asunder! Come to me....HECATE!"
Action: Hecate is a faith imbued wand that allows Lore to cast an arsenal of elemental magic for free.
1. Frozen cremation-the air within 50 yards of Lore begins to freeze and expand, causing an instant flash freeze. Everything with the vicinity is instantly frozen within a massive barrier of ice. The ice will even form on living targets using the very water molecules in their body to freeze them from the inside out. This creates a ice age affect.
2. Infernal Storm-The sky above Lore turns a crimson red as pillars of fire rain down from the sky and pillars of lava erupt from the ground to meet the flame. The pillars will incinerate anything they touch and constantly rise and fall all around Lore at random. Burning everything in their path.
3. Terra destroyer-Lore beings to put his hands together slowly, causing the very earth to rise from the ground to do the same. The earth shifting is the size of a small city that once Lore clasps his hands together, the earth will do the same, crushing everything within before collapsing.
4. Aquatic myriad-The sky goes dark as a rain storm begins, gathering all water within the area to create a massive vortex of water. The vortex is the size of a skyscraper and has the width of 8 of them but together. The vortex tares through everything, sucking what isn't destroyed into it's mass, crushing it under the weight of the water. The vortex can also be heated to scald and burn everything inside of it.
5. Oblivion ring-Lore summons five spheres of light that he fires toward the sky. Once past the atmosphere, the lights gather space particles around them at high speed until forming into Pluto sized meteors that come crashing down onto a target/location either one after the other or at once. This spell is catastrophic and is only used as a last resort for if all are fired at once could possibly destroy a continent.

-Artemis (150mp to cast +80sp for each turn active)
Command: I call upon thee, she who sees all, who's aim is true, she who's arrows piece the heavens themselves! I call thee....Artemis!
Action: Artemis is a human length long bow that uses condensed particles in the air (including UV rays) as arrows. These arrows are filled with thousands of micro energy particles that pass through a target if the mass of the arrow is blocked, shredding the target's cells from the inside. What makes Artemis so deadly is that it can fire hundreds of arrows at once that are highly destructive and after piercing a target, create a small vacuum with their target. However, Artemis can fire a single shot that will never miss it's target, even if they phase/ teleport, become incorporeal; the arrow will never miss them.

-Argos (400 to cast + 100sp for each turn active)
Command: I call upon thee, he who carries the world, who's gaze is never ending, he who's power shelters life and defies death! I summon thee....Argos!
Action: Argos is a small wrist sized shield that generates a indestructible layered barrier around Lore or anything he wishes to protect. The barrier is capable of expanding all across a cityscape and protect it from any outside attacks. Nothing can pass through the barrier as long as Argos is active. Argus isn't just capable of protecting, it also has the ability of reflecting. Any flat surface barrier created by Argos is capable of reflecting any spell cast back onto it's caster, even celestial magic.  

-Cronus (200mp to cast + 150sp for each turn active)
Command: I call upon thee, he who's flame sparked time, who's blood burns the stars, he who' soul burned the cosmos into being! Make yourself known....Cronus!
Action: Cronus is a mix of a long sword and katana with a pitch black blade that doesn't reflect light but seemingly contains a galaxy. Cronus is a blade that doesn't cut, it erases. Whatever the blade slices ceases to be which prevents it from being healed or restored to it's original state. The blade is even capable of slicing through magic based attacks. Cronus itself is seemingly malleable, able to change it's shape or length at will.
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Lore Clemantine
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